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I wait all year to watch this movie & it’s finally coming on TV in 10 minutes !! 😁😁😁 I love it !! #HocusPocus #HalloweenTime #Witches #ClassicMovie 🎃🔮👻🎃🔮
I haven’t had cotton candy in forever.. #costumeparty


Shout out to the people who have already asked the exact questions from my homework on yahoo answers

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what’s a kiss without a little booty grabbing?

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Now if you know me , you know I am IN LOVE with this man 😩🙈😍😘💜 So I’ll try to keep it short lol .
This rapper 🎤, this actor 🎬, this leader ✊🙌, this poet & lyrical genius 📝, this wise & inspirational man 🙇, this thug 🔫, this activist who wasn’t afraid to speak the truth about the streets , the world & our corrupt government , this legend👑… He’s the greatest man I’ve never met 😩, yet I still love him & his music like I was there to witness the greatest era of rap music . It’s rare to see a nigga who is street smart AND book smart but this man had it all & was never afraid to speak his mind & could back up everything he said . He’s undeniably & unarguably the God of West Coast Rap & the King of Rap in general 👑.
Happy 43rd birthday to the GREATEST to ever do it !!!! I don’t truly believe he’s dead…but if he really is , I know there’s a Heaven for a G 🙌. They saved a place for you in Thugz Mansion 😌👌. Rest well baby !! Wherever he is , he’ll never be forgotten . 😘😘💜 #ThugLife #happybirthdaytupac #tupacshakur #tupac #2pac #tupacamarushakur #legendsneverdie #greatestofalltime #greatestrapperofalltime #outlaw #westside #westcoast #theresaheavenforag #thugzmansion #gonebutneverforgotten #resteasy
Dinner is served . 😋🍴 #ChickenRoyale , #ShrimpScampi , #MashedPotatoes & #Stringbeans 😋😋 #grandluxcafe #grandlux
#GrandLuxCafe 🍴 #GrandLux
Yumm 😋 #mango #drink